The white of MAUPERIER to open your taste buds


The dream of our life, the ultimate goal! A vineyard, family and friends, everything you need! What was missing was the possibility to create a white wine. A superb vineyard, infinite possibilities in reds, but no white grapes! Of course, there is the possibility of plantation but to get what we want, several years will be necessary.
Part of the solution: sharing!
Sharing the taste that we appreciate, sharing moments of conviviality, sharing this approach of a white wine so sexy that it becomes irresistible!
The other part of the solution: sourcing!
Sourcing from a vineyard we are fans of, sourcing from winemakers who share the same vision as us, sourcing from a common inspiration that leads to a common pleasure!
The result is a dry white, mineral, tense but rich, fresh but intense, in short... irresistible.


Each grape variety is harvested at its optimum aromatic maturity. The grapes are destemmed, crushed and pressed. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out in tanks at low temperature to produce and preserve a maximum of varietal aromas and freshness.


The wine is aged in vats on lees.


Sauvignon blanc : 80%
Chenin ou chenin blanc : 20%


Alcohol content : 11,5 % vol.
GM : This product does not contain any GM or GM-derived components.
Aging in vats : 3 month
Contains sulphites. Does not contain egg or egg products. Does not contain milk or milk-based products.


One bottle after another, at 12°C and in good company!

Ageing potential

Enjoy all year long


The wine is crystalline, pale yellow in color with green reflections. The nose is characterized by fresh citrus notes (lime, pomelo) which give way to subtle aromas of exotic fruits (pineapple). The attack on the palate is dynamic and then rounder in texture, revealing the same aromatic notes of fresh acidulous fruit. The finish is stretched out with mineral purity and thirst-quenching sapidity.


"Typically sauvignon with its aromas of citrus fruit and mint, this has a seductively supple style that makes for easy drinking. One could almost take it for a sort of Bordeaux mojito with less than 12% of alcohol as an antidote to summer heat. Well made and a crowd pleaser!" [+]

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